Wedding and Event Videography

You’re probably wondering about hiring a videographer for your wedding or event. You may think, do I really need a video? Most of our clients who decided to go with the video package say they are glad they did. Only video can capture movement and sound. Your vows on video are priceless, video of your parents and grandparents, their voices captured forever… Share the moments with friends and family who were unable to attend… The music, the laughter can only come to life through video.

What makes Metropolitan Events Videography different than the video from the company on the internet or in the phonebook? Good question! Here’s why. The Videographers from Metropolitan Events are there from the very beginning. If you decide to go with video, you will be introduced to your personal videographer and you can choose from the different packages.

The most important person to choose when going with the video package is the editor who puts your wedding or event DVD together. At Metropolitan Events, your videographer and editor is the same person. Most companies use different people to shoot and edit. The attention to detail somehow gets lost when someone other than the person recording the event edits it. You can choose from a standard definition DVD or you can get a high definition Blu Ray disc. The choice is always yours. Either way

you will receive a video that you will be able to enjoy for years and years to come. This is a true time capsule with movement and sound to be treasured forever.


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